Websites can sound like a very complicated and intimidating thing, in truth it can be… but it does not have to be. Most websites don’t need to be extremely complicated like Facebook or online banking websites.  The most typical websites only serve to promote someone, something, a service they provide or a company’s products. Here’s an example of the most typical type of websites.

General (Basic) Websites have a minimum of 4 main pages:

  • Home Page
    This welcomes visitors to your website and gives them a quick overview of the website’s purpose.
  • About Page
    Gives more in depth information about yourself, your company or the services you provide. The Home page serves as a quick introduction to your website. The About page tells the visitor who you are and why they should make use of your services.
  • Product/Services Page
    This sells the purpose of the website, your products or a list of the services you provide.
  • Contact Us
    This will provide the visitor with all the ways they can get hold of you, i.e. phone, fax numbers, address, email form, map and even links to social media sites.

This layout provides a good foundation to build up from, and in some cases this might be all you need.
Just like a house foundation hides pipes, wires and all of the other bits that make the house function, so does the visual side of a website you see on screen, it hides all the gears and codes turning in the background that make the website work.
The reason why I can keep cost low and speed up the turnaround time, is that we aren’t re-inventing the wheel here, we will use ready-made website foundations. To build a website from scratch takes a lot of time, by using open source software as a website foundation, we get up and running quicker and we have access to a world of add-on’s and features at a fraction of what it would have cost to create.

We make use of WordPress and other open source systems to create a website. You can click on the link below to read more about WordPress if you like.

Open source software is at the core of our websites, open source simply means we can add-on, edit and change it as we would like. Which is exactly what we will do, as part of what I do at UP1 Studio is to include all the extras, add-ons, plugins and modifications I’ve made to improve and make it function better.

Although I will try and make designing of your website as simple and easy as possible, it’s important to understand that creating a website is a journey…   and the journey starts with planning, so when you’re ready, go over to the Planning page or click on the section you would like to know more about.