Video Work

As the internet gets more accessible and faster to an ever growing global audience, it’s important to grab the attention of a visitor to your website.  In the past, just having a nice looking website could have been enough to make a visitor stay and go through your content. Although having a nice website is very important, it is simply not enough to guarantee visitors stay.

The average person searches for a topic in Google for example, picks one of the suggested website links. Go to the website and in the first 3-5 SECONDS! Decide to stay or move on to one of the other search results.

To try and keep the attention of a visitor we make use of nice graphics, good photo and videos.
Videos are the best way to get your message across as almost everyone would rather look at a 2 minute video than read a page full of content.  This has grown into one of the bestselling methods to any online market as it can be easily shared, used for social media, product showcases and reviews.

Using videos to promote your website on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social platforms would also generate visitors to your website and help get you website or product noticed.

Video Work I do:

Products footage
Event coverich
Arial footage
Real estate
and more