Project: Description: Price:
Web Work:  
*Web Design: Installing and setting up of website
Creating a theme
Re-edits of the theme
Testing and trouble shooting
Setting up Mods and Plugins
Setting up the first 2 Email Accounts
Basic SEO Included
First Back Up Stored (Downloadable or CD supplied)
Free training VIA the tutorials
*Advance SEO: 4 Hours implementing
(See SEO & SEM under Tutorials in Websites form more information about SEO, or click HERE)
*Full Backup: Full Back up of entire site, Database & All files
(Downloadable or Provided on CD)
*Additional Work: Any extra work or special request will be charged on an hourly rate R300

*Web Design:
The price is based on the standard open sourced package (WordPress) any other work like Flash, Shopping carts and others will result in a different price range depending on the project depth.

*Advance SEO:
SEO can be a big subject as the more optimization you do the better  your site ranking will be, which means the easier search engines like google will index and suggest your website to visitors. The price is based on all the tricks and formatting I do on the website itself to make it better index on search engines.
(Please visit SEO & SEM under Tutorials in Websites form more information and some guild lines.)

*Full Backup:
It’s unfortunate but true that website can crash, go down, or even be hacked. This is very rare but it does happen… So backing up your website is imported so you don’t lose your content and have to start all over. In Tutorials we’ll cover some basic things you can do to protect your information, but every now and then I will suggest we do a full backup. The website, your theme, the database, widget data and all other files concerning your website will be backed up and saved on CD or Flash drive.