About Me

I’ve been in the creative field for over a decade now and have worked in multiple industries, from print press, web design, newspaper layouts, advertising, video, animation, product design, product display, exhibition display, software design and more… Although I won’t consider myself as an expert in any one field, I have built up enough experience to get most projects done without any road blocks.

After completing my main studies in Multimedia Design, I’ve worked in the industrial industries, creating all kinds of marketing materials, from there I worked at a leading cellular network creating and maintaining all adverting projects nationwide. After that I spent several years working for design houses doing everything imaginable in the design industry.

The years spent in differed fields, gave me a greater understanding on how to complete any project more efficiently.  This helped me develop methods of getting websites and graphical work off the ground quicker and more cost effective. This is how UP1 Studio was born.