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Hello World, Welcome to UP1 Studio.

Here I have a simple mission plan, which is to try and make the creative process as painless and hassle free as possible. We can achieve this by using easy to follow formulas and guidelines.

By splitting up everything that goes into a design process, I can explain and help clarify the decisions that go into a web or video project. This lets me involve you in the planning and preparation stage, making sure every step carries your inputs and ideas.

This means the turnaround time is quicker, the cost can be lower, and the desired effect is easier achieved

What do we do?

  • Video Work – Filming, editing, publishing to format spec.
  • Websites – Promotional websites, blogs and CMS (Content Management Systems)

How will we do this?

  • Easy to follow videos and downloadable content to help explain, guide, understand and help you plan your project.
  • We’ll go over points and obstacles to keep in mind when undertaking any web or video project.
  • We’ll make use of templates and pre-setup methods to speed projects up and keep costs low.